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Conceptual Assets

Much of the technology, software, and hardware concepts of Conceptual Assets developed from decades of the experience of its founder, Waldean (Dean) Schulz. 


After employment at Intel, Language Resources, NBI, and Ball Aerospace, Schulz founded PixSys, Inc. in 1986. PixSys developed hardware and software for 3-D object geometry capture and tracking. Originally using sonic 3-D measurement, PixSys developed an optical system and accompanying graphical and CAD software. 


PixSys morphed into Image Guided Technologies, Inc., after new investors were added and the 3-D tracking technology concentrated more on support for image-guided surgery. In 2000, Stryker Corp. acquired the patents, technology, and resources of IGT.


In 2003 Schulz incorporated Conceptual Assets, Inc., in Boulder, CO. Since then, he has served as a patent agent and consultant and briefly directed engineering for Nervonix. Of various projects, the most extensive was Conceptual Assets’ role in development of the 3-D real-time bicycle-fitting system for Crucial Innovation, LLC, in Boulder. The latter company, software, and hardware technology was eventually procured by Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc.


In 2018, the corporation was dissolved, because Schulz fully retired therefrom to concentrate more on family and other interests.  See his resume for further details.

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